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Grow your Business with Advice and Confidence
Timely, accurate, meaningful information at your fingertips means real-time advice for important business decisions.
Virtual CFO & Advisory Services

Every business is different and has different needs.

HPC Virtual CFO & Advisory

Bookkeeping and accounting only mean so much to a business owner. It does make a huge difference to have timely numbers, but what do those numbers really mean? What can you derive from those numbers to change the future and increase your bottom line? What about the ‘stuff’ you don’t see in your books, but want to have incorporated so you can analyze their impact?

These are the types of questions your average bookkeeper or local accountant may not have the answers to. However, what if you could have an experienced outsourced CFO who has serviced clients in many industries of all shapes and sizes?

Our Virtual CFOs leverage our accountants and technology to provide meaningful advice to our clients. They have experience doing things beyond basic accounting, like strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting, exploring capital funding options, helping clients understand their financials, and industry KPI’s so you know and can predict your performance.

What could you do with a dedicated part time experienced controller?

  • Plan for future growth and expenses with budgeting and forecasting
  • Learn what is dragging down your bottom line or gross profit
  • Better manage and understand your day-to-day cashflow
  • Prepare for outside investment or funding
  • Get advice and feedback before you make those big business decisions
  • Have professionally reviewed reports for any investors or stakeholders so you look good
  • Track industry KPI’s and benchmarking to analyze what you are doing vs your industry
  • Periodic meetings to give you advice and help you grow your business
  • Get the most out of your numbers and accounting system, not just numbers and reports for tax purposes

This is a short list, but we hope you get the point.

You don’t need to hire a full-time controller, nor do you want a CFO who can’t understand Xero or the awesome integrated system we’ll help you setup. Instead, you will get an experienced controller that can provide as little or as much advice as you need and get their support and oversight seamlessly built into your new outsourced accounting solution.

Our advisors will invest the time up-front to learn your business, and then will become part of the ongoing services and value we provide. Like the rest of our services, you will get whatever advisory services you need built into your flat fee.

Ready to get an outsourced advisor involved to help you grow your business? Click the link below to speak with our Client Success Team.

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VCFO Tool Kit Tips

If you’ll be seeking outside investment, or already have outstanding debt or equity on the line, our VCFO’s highly recommend Carta (formerly EShares).

Eshares syncs with Xero, and allows you and your investors to look at shares and equity as it relates to dollars. It keeps you looking organized to investors, and will help your advisors keep all these details reconciled for accurate financial reports.

HPC Virtual CFO & Advisory

If you're looking for custom reporting, KPIs, budgets / forecasting, and ongoing business advisory, our VCFO's recommend Futrli (formerly Crunchboards).

Futrli syncs with Xero, displays meaningful reports, and forecasts with scenario planning. Our VCFOs will make sure you have all the reports and insight you need to manage your cash flow and effectively run your business. 

Our Complete Solution

As early adopters of Xero cloud accounting, our experience sets the bar when it comes to industry standards. We provide proven, custom solutions for businesses of many sizes and verticals.
Our integrated accounting, advisory, and tax departments work seamlessly together to provide you with accurate, timely, and meaningful information so that you can be successful.
Complete Solution
At HPC, we include an entire team of professionals and a set of specific solutions customized to your needs. We want to be a strategic growth partner, not just your accounting or ‘bookkeeping’ firm.


Everyone I’ve worked with, from set-up through day-to-day accounting and taxes, has been great. My business is in a much better place due to the support I receive from HPC.

Jonathan Jacobs, Direct Shops

Everyone we have worked with at HPC has been super helpful, whatever level of guidance or support we need. Our finances are in such better order since we switched over to HPC.

—Sarah Greeley, Agile Impact Group

HPC Virtual CFO & Advisory