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We do whatever you need, whenever you need us to
Don't want to pay your bills or run payroll yourself? No problem, we can build it into our ongoing services.
Outsource All or Parts of Your Accounting to Our Team

mobile.accounting.jpgBookkeeping is becoming less and less what it was years ago. To us, bookkeeping is not just about checking boxes off and providing reports on a monthly basis. With Xero, a dedicated accountant, and the right tools and processes you will know on a daily basis how much cash you have and how much is on it’s way in or out of your business all from a mobile dashboard. We can get all your transactions reconciled on a weekly basis, or even more frequently. With the right processes and systems in place we can do it all without having to bog our clients down with mundane tasks or a ton of questions every month to get the level of details they need in order to run their business.

We can automate and outsource any of the following and much more: 

  • Account reconciliation
  • Bill processing and payments
  • Receipt and expense report reconciliations
  • Payroll processing and compliance
  • Customer invoicing and recurring billing
  • Reconciling Xero to outside systems and integrations - like POS, merchant services, online sales channels, project management software.
  • And much more

Your dedicated accountant will provide whatever level of service and support you need, and will provide timely advice and feedback in conjunction with meaningful reports. You’ll get whatever you need for a flat monthly fee, and we can change up our responsibilities and fee when you need us to.

Accounting is Just a Means to an End

What are the benefits of streamlining your accounting with HPC?

  • Better communication and visibility with your accountant and among your entire team
  • More time to do what matters to you and your customers
  • Understand what is happening in your business when it’s happening, not after the fact
    • What bills are coming due?
    • Who owes you money?
    • Where and what are your staff doing?
    • Are you charging enough for your product or service?
    • How much money did you (or your staff) spend on ‘that’ last week, not last year?
    • Hows that project or product coming along?
  • Spend less time looking at the past, and more time predicting the future
  • Don’t get stuck in the middle of tax and accounting questions or the year end scramble, instead get tax planning and advice throughout the whole year with reliable, up-to-date numbers

With a real time cloud based system we can collaborate with you and your team to bring meaningful information to your fingertips via a set of routine processes. You get a lot more than an accounting system and good numbers, you get advice and support to help you scale and grow your business. We also have Virtual CFO’s and a full service tax team to help you grow and keep you in compliance.

Having the right tools with best practices, a dedicated accountant, a virtual CFO, and the full support of an experienced tax team year round is what really separates us from the competition. This is a complete solution for your business that will eliminate hours of wasted time, and allow you to get the most out of having accurate updated books.

Want to outsource your accounting and get real-time advice? Use the link below to speak with our Client Success Team.

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Flexible, affordable, time saving solutions as you grow!

This is what we are shooting for and recently heard from one of our professional service clients.

"Affordable accounting support who can help us assess the best software, tools, and processes as we grow our business. It's great to know we have someone we can rely on to provide proper accounting support and help streamline our back office systems/technology."

- Angel Roberts, Business Manager, Trifecta Research Company

Our Complete Solution

As early adopters of Xero cloud accounting, our experience sets the bar when it comes to industry standards. We provide proven, custom solutions for businesses of many sizes and verticals.
Our integrated accounting, advisory, and tax departments work seamlessly together to provide you with accurate, timely, and meaningful information so that you can be successful.
Complete Solution
At HPC, we include an entire team of professionals and a set of specific solutions customized to your needs. We want to be a strategic growth partner, not just your accounting or ‘bookkeeping’ firm.