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HPC partners with TaxJar to automate your sales tax filings and provide you with a complete solution to all of your tax and compliance needs.

We'll keep you compliant all year long with our  Complete Solution which includes annual tax advisory and compliance, and ongoing VCFO services and back office services using accounting software & add-ons like TaxJar

TaxJar and HPC
  • eCommerce Sales Tax Filing - HPC works with TaxJar to file accurate, detailed sales reports not only by state but by local jurisdiction (counties, cities, special jurisdictions, etc) as well.
  • More than Sales Tax Compliance - HPC does not solely provide sales tax consulting or filings, and instead we become your available tax adviser throughout the whole year. We can help you register in new states, deal with income tax apportionment for your income tax filings, and provide pro-active 4th quarter planning.
  • We Use Technology To Keep You Growing and Staying Compliant - Our Implementation team will handle the technology setup while integrating solutions like TaxJar. We have solutions to automate how you get paid, how you pay your people, and how you track your inventory and COGS. We design a customized system with the appropriate tech stack and training on best practices, then become an extension of your back office to help support you, keep your reports reconciled and published, and keep you in compliance. You focus on what matters to grow your business, and we'll be there to help you scale and get advice when you need it.
  • We Want To Be Your Accounting, Compliance, and Growth Partner! 
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