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HPC SaaS and Technology Complete Solution

As a SaaS or Technology company you have a unique business model. We don't have to tell you how important recurring revenue or managing your fixed costs are.  

However, we will share our experience and best practices to help you manage your bottom line, any ongoing compliance or investor reporting requirements, and plotting the growth of your company.

  • We know the challenges you face - Managing and collecting recurring revenue, and then the services, support, development, and maintenance that go into generating that revenue. Tracking customer acquisition costs, sticking to a fixed monthly budget, and knowing ongoing profitability and resource allocations. You may have outside investment, which is great for cash flow, but opens you up to rigorous reporting requirements and a need to plan your spending wisely. You want to focus on the product, development, advertising, staffing up, and all the activities that will help you start generating revenue or increase value and profitability. However, this leaves your accounting on the back burner, and who has time to update a budget or understands all the reports and KPI's that outside investors will be looking for.
  • We have the solutions you need - While technology may be your strong suit, accounting may not be. Let us set you up with some of the best accounting and reporting tools in your industry, and we'll eliminate all your financial back office headaches. Tools for automated customer payment collections or monitoring ongoing project budgets vs actuals. Automate tracking time and projects in the cloud so you and your team can collaborate, and payroll and contractor bill pay can happen with a click of a button. Custom reporting dashboard for tracking a live budget and forecast, and pulling key metrics for making business decisions and showing investors you know what you're doing. Our implementation team will work with you to setup a custom, proven solution and overall workflow, as well as providing all the necessary integrations and training you and your team need.
  • We're here to help you grow - Whether you are in start-up mode, or a full service business looking to take your company to the next level, we have the team and appropriate level of service now and as you grow to help you effectively outsource your back office. Once you have the best tools and workflow setup, we will be able to do all your accounting seamlessly behind the scenes in Xero. Our accountants will make sure your books are always up to date, and our virtual CFO team will help make any adjustments you need in order to do proper budgeting and forecasting, produce monthly investor ready reports, and provide industry specific advice using real-time custom reporting dashboards. Your accounting, reconciliation, bill pay, payroll, reporting, virtual advisory, and your tax compliance, planning, and preparation will all be managed by us for a predictable fee. 
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