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Accounting and Compliance for Professional Services Companies

We're a professional services company just like you! We know exactly what it takes to run an efficient, virtual professional services company.

Regardless of your particular industry, many of the accounting and compliance headaches are the same. Let us help!

  • We know the challenges you face - Tracking and billing time and expenses, getting your employees and contractors paid, knowing whether or not your services or jobs are profitable, collecting money from your customers, and trying to grow your business without feeling like you may lose control or the valuable 'spare time' you may have now. Keeping your business running and customers happy are always going to take priority over accounting, but you need your accounting straight to scale your business and get your taxes filed.
  • We have the solutions you need - You may sell on a project bases, or have a more managed services model. Maybe you have people visit you for appointments or you have employees in 10 states who get dispatched. Regardless on how you run your business or what specific industry you are, there is a solution just for you. Our job is to listen to your needs, and with our experience we will pair you and your needs with the best technology, best practices, and most efficient and effective overall workflow for your accounting and your business. We have an implementation team that will help you get it completely setup, integrated, and you and your staff trained.
  • We're here to help you grow - Our team of accountants, tax professionals, and virtual CFO's are all experienced in your industry too. You will have a team to support you as little or as much as you need - now and as you grow. We can help you manage your customer invoice and payments, approving and paying the bills, administrating payroll, and at the very least, ensuring your books are reconciled and you receive meaningful reports every month. With timely reports and information our tax team will also provide you with pro-active tax planning and advice, our virtual CFO's can work with you on cash-flow and growth planning, and it will all happen seamlessly under one 'roof'. 
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