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Australian businesses rely on HPC to expand to the United States!

Let us be your US growth partner!

Discover how HPC can manage your entrance into the US market and provide the peace of mind that comes in working with an experienced and trusted advisor.

Creating a US entity, obtaining proper visas, hiring and building your team, dealing with regulatory issues and compliance, raising capital, or simply trying to sell your product or service, are all common challenges that HPC can help you and your company overcome. We are here to help with:

Formation and Getting Started - Save time and money avoiding costly mistakes based on bad advice or misinformation. Many of these can take some time in the US, and you need to understand the timelines so the results meet your needs.

  • Creating your US LLC or Company
  • Obtaining IRS EIN/ID numbers
  • Setting up a US bank account
  • State Nexus Review and resulting Registrations
  • Virtual mailing addresses
  • Insurance
  • Business licenses.

Ongoing Operations - Providing your back office support solution.

  • Set up, training, and ongoing maintenance, and support for your US Xero ledger for US compliance purposes
  • Hiring, payroll, benefits, human resource issues and best practices in the US for all businesses
  • Guiding the process of bringing your AUS employees to work in the US and the impact on you, them, and their families
  • Introductions to our extensive list of global partners and resources, including legal counsel specializing in immigration.

Tax Planning & Compliance – Avoiding costly penalties.

  • Manage US federal, state, and local compliance, including informational filing requirements for foreign-owned businesses by leveraging our tax specialists
  • Work with a team that is experienced in understanding Australian Trusts and how they are used, Superannuation Funds, and US and AUS R&D Tax Credits
  • Transfer pricing agreements that are documented, understandable, and consider a global tax strategy. And including working with your foreign local tax advisors.

Growth and Financial Management - Make better business decisions in the US market with our team of outsourced Controllers, VCFO’s and Advisors, including:

  • Implementing and monitoring internal controls
  • Reporting on and projecting cash flows
  • Providing meaningful KPIs that are specific to your business
  • Assisting with raising capital and/or pitching to investors
  • Accrual and GAAP/IFRS level financial reporting for management use and outside stakeholders
  • Consolidated, multi-currency reporting and metrics.

Meet Our Australian Clients 

Bang the Table is a registered B-Corp with teams in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and India. Since 2006, we’ve worked with more than 500 organizations to help them engage their communities online.

Equiem USA, LLC operates in Australia, the UK, and the US. Equiem provides technology and services that vastly improves how building managers can engage with tenants, supercharge their retailers and manage building facilities.

FunCaptcha is based in Brisbane, Australia while serving users in over 100 countries. FunCaptcha is a managed CAPTCHA service. It stops automated abuse and keeps human conversion high with fun visual activities that are easy to understand.

Skedulo is based in San Francisco, but has offices in Australia, Asia, and the UK. Skedulo is a powerful scheduling app to manage and optimize your mobile workforce.

Deputy is an online HR and employee management system for easy employee scheduling, time, attendance, and communication.

LIFX helps to live a more illuminated life. Get more out of light with the brightest, simplest, most efficient and versatile smart lights.

Vivi, LLC has offices based in Australia, the UK, and the US. They provide a screen mirroring and digital signage solution designed exclusively for education, transforming the classroom into an interactive learning space.

Who Gives A Crap is an Australian company that produces toilet paper out of environmentally friendly materials and allocates 50% of its profits to help provide toilets for undeveloped areas.

Karbon has offices in Sydney, Australia and San Francisco, California. Karbon is an accounting management platform that helps improve workflow efficiency, standardize practice processes, automate tasks, and grow firms.

ServiceM8 is a cloud-based solution that helps field service organizations manage their business.

Meet Our Australian Partners

HPC can partner with your local accounting firm to fulfill your needs, but we also have a network of valued Australian accounting and advisory partners we regularly work with.

Ignition Lane

Ignition Lane is a growth consultancy for tech startups. We are a team passionate about innovation, tech and startups with an approach that is hands on, collaborative and relentlessly focussed on outcomes. We know it’s critical for startups to get things right when scaling internationally with experts as a guide on your path to success. That’s why we love working with Bruce and his team at HPC in the US. They are professional, world class and solve a big pain point for many of our clients who are Australian and New Zealand startups scaling into the US market.


We are not your average pen pushing number crunching sit behind a desk accounting nerds! Being in business takes blood, sweat & tears. At Growthwise, we have the small business superpowers to help you manage it all.

We: Take care of your red tape, we call this small business accounting on steroids. We help you grow your business, we give you number insights to help you nail your strategy and make you more efficient. We also love to use technology to help you #banadmin

Our aim is to help small businesses Think, Learn, Grow & Kick-Arse.

We love working with HPC to help our clients expand to the USA. It's fantastic to know that we have such a great partner to work with so our client's expansion is a breeze.

Poole Group

The Poole Group offers a range of financial services for businesses operating in the Australian market from Corporate Structuring, Tax Advice and compliance, Insurances and setting up their cloud based operating systems using Xero. We work closely with HPC where our clients are looking to enter or operate in the US market and are in need of quality advice to ensure they meet the legislative requirements and obligations in doing so.

Contact: Dale Trickett, Director - dtrickett@poolegroup.com.au


Growing your business internationally is an exciting decision. You know there are massive opportunities for your business, but knowing if you have the right company structure, tax obligations and best local business advice for new markets can be daunting. At RightWay we understand there are not many places to turn and when making these decisions it's important you get sound business advice. 

At RightWay, we work with small to medium business owners across Australia and New Zealand business to make sure they have a good understanding of their financials so they can make sound decisions, along with tailored business advice. 

We work with HPC to make sure that your expansion into the US, is seamless and can be done with confidence. Both Rightway and HPC use Xero, so the transfer of information is easy and we can make sure you have the support needed in New Zealand, Australia and the US to go ahead with confidence.

AU: 1800 736 203, email: info.australia@rightway.business

Pitcher Partners

Pitcher Partners is a national association of accounting firms servicing family, private and small to medium publicly listed companies across Australia. The firm has the resources and depth of experience to provide clients looking to grow and expand both domestically and also internationally with the services they require, whilst still maintaining high levels of personal customer service and a small firm feel.

Our services to clients expanding into the United States requires us to develop and maintain relationships with the best advisors in the accounting, tax and legal space that will suit the needs and requirements of those clients. HPC is a great example of a smaller firm that has the experience required to assist with the requirements of global businesses and in particular understands the intricacies and challenges of Australian businesses expanding to the United States. We have worked with HPC through this journey for a number of clients with varied and complex requirements.


White & Black 

As a global business owner, it can be difficult knowing whether you have the right cross-border structures in place, whether your global taxes are being looked after and that your US and Australian accountants talk to each other.

If the business headache I’ve just described is the one you’re experiencing, then White & Black and HPC can help.

As Australian international tax specialists, White & Black we can help remove the pain that dealing with international tax can cause. We strive to provide you peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business globally.

We work hand-in-hand with HPC to provide a seamless service for Australian businesses looking to expand into the US. You can be assured that White & Black and HPC are on the same page in offering the right cloud-based technology (such as Xero) to provide you a complete solution to your global accounting needs.

If you are looking at expanding or investing into Australia, we can set you up with the right investment structures, assist with outsourced back-office and ensure your Australian tax obligations are managed.