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Veem Enables HPC Accounting & Tax Clients' International Payments

HPC's partnership with Veem makes life easier for our global tax and accounting clients who send and receive money internationally. Veem allows for firms to send and receive payments to over sixty countries—and counting! Through multi-rail payment technology, Veem provides a convenience and a seamless global payment solution that eliminates the middleman. This equates to faster transfers, better tracking, and lower costs.

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HPC's Add-On Partner Spotlight

This quarter, HPC will be spotlighting three partners who can help a wide array of our customers in different ways—all of whom sync with Xero, have been vetted by our team and other clients, and have great customer support. In a continuing effort to provide a more complete solution to our clients’ shifting needs, HPC is excited to announce new partnerships with Carta, Justworks, and Veem.

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6 Critical PandaDoc Features to Close Deals Faster

By Matt Nyman • March 13, 2018 at 8:32 AM • Xero and Other Cloud Apps

The journey of signing a new client is already an extensive process that costs time and money for your business. When it comes to closing deals, the administrative side of sending and signing documents should not yield frustration for both you and your new client. HPC uses PandaDoc for its document automation so that it can quickly support clients with its tax advisory and back office services.

Here are five key features that PandaDoc provides to close deals faster.

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Meet Your Next Online Scheduling and Time Tracking App

By Matt Nyman • March 8, 2018 at 8:40 AM • Xero and Other Cloud Apps

For brick-and-mortar businesses or teams spread out in different locations, there are challenges when it comes to employee scheduling, tracking actual time, communicating through emails, and supervising tasks. Finding a single tool to manage all of these business functions can be difficult and costly to business owners. Fortunately, Deputy is a valuable tool used by over 40,000 businesses to increase productivity and transparency. Here is an overview of the four main features Deputy provides to its users.

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Avoiding Tax Surprises With HPC, Xero, and PayPal

At HPC, tax compliance is not a year end to-do. Instead, we leverage tools like Xero, PayPal, and many others to keep our client reports accurate, timely, and meaningful. Together, these help our clients run their business and aid us in providing pro-active tax advice with seamless filing.

With all the right tools, best practices, and ongoing support, our clients know in advance what their bottom line looks like and how they’re doing on a daily/weekly basis. Our in-house tax team has everything they need to provide answers and advice throughout the year, not after year end when it’s too late. Below is how we do this, as well as a video and link to a case study PayPal put together featuring Xero and our CEO.

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Finding Your Xero Accountant Advisor vs Xero Bookkeeper


There is a huge difference between a Xero Accountant Advisor and a Xero Bookkeeping Advisor company. Most of the business owners I speak with don’t realize there is a difference, and/or understand what a Xero Advisor can do for them as a whole. So let’s break this down.

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Where is the Accounting Industry Headed? A Xerocon Insider's Edition

Attending the Xerocon in San Francisco and Brisbane really gave me a first hand hand look into the future of the accounting industry and how the cloud really fits into that future. There was great forward thinking perspective shared at these conferences and now I want to share my observations with you.

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XeroCon South in Brisbane vs XeroCon In San Francisco

By Bruce Phillips • September 12, 2016 at 4:45 PM • Xero and Other Cloud Apps


Five years ago November, I met Rod Drury in Las Vegas at what was then the Sleeter Conference. I’m pretty sure that was Xero and Rod's first exposure to the US market. There was a lot of talk in Brisbane about how Xero changes lives. Boy, has it changed mine. Little did I know that 1) Harshman Phillips would become HPC 2) A little boutique CPA firm in Atlanta would become a global technology professional services and advisory company 3) HPC and I would have NO physical offices and lastly 4) I would get to travel the world AND be recognized in far away places as a sort of Xero hero and industry icon. All of that thanks to Xero, taking a leap of faith, and a lot of hard work.

I can't say enough about the Xero ecosystem and worldwide community and the changes and opportunities it has afforded me (for those of you that know me, YES my eyes are welling up!). The business relationships and more importantly, the deep personal friendships developed around the world, are and have been just amazing.

With all of that said and provided the opportunity to attend both XeroCon SF and XeroCon South in Brisbane (Brizzy or Brisvegas as it is affectionately called). I thought I would share my observations and a little comparison. I do believe I was the only US Xero Partner to attend both. 

I am going to break it into two blog posts. First the fun stuff, here. Next week I will cover the business side.

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How to select the right cloud accounting solution?

By Matt Nyman • July 1, 2016 at 7:30 AM • Xero and Other Cloud Apps, Outsourced Accounting

So much to think about, so little time....

Use this outline to save time finding the right cloud accounting solution according to your needs.

I have talked with thousands of business owners in initial conversations about cloud accounting solutions. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that while business owners and accounting providers can leverage cloud technology to do things faster and better, it certainly has not made the decision making process for most business owners easier.

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Why and how do we use Expensify?

By Matt Nyman • May 3, 2016 at 7:35 AM • Xero and Other Cloud Apps, Outsourced Accounting

Like many cloud accounting advisors, we at HPC love using Expensify to streamline client accounting. Expensify has multiple features and subscription plans, as well as a seamless sync with Xero. However, like most accounting add-ons, in order to work correctly and best for your particular needs, it is important that you get it setup appropriately so that you can manage a new automated process, so that it’s not just another tool or set of to-do’s.

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