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Veem Enables HPC Accounting & Tax Clients' International Payments

HPC's partnership with Veem makes life easier for our global tax and accounting clients who send and receive money internationally. Veem allows for firms to send and receive payments to over sixty countries—and counting! Through multi-rail payment technology, Veem provides a convenience and a seamless global payment solution that eliminates the middleman. This equates to faster transfers, better tracking, and lower costs.

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What You Can Do To Keep Your Tax Data Secure

By Alison Medhurst • November 28, 2017 at 8:00 AM • Tips & Tricks, Outsourced Accounting

National Tax Security Week begins on November 27, 2017 which highlights where your security is the most at risk and steps to protect yourself. Here are some tips to keep your tax, financial, and personal data safe.

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Is Your Firm Ready For The 2016 Overtime Fair Labor Standards Act Regulation?

By Alison Medhurst • October 12, 2016 at 10:00 AM • Xero and Other Cloud Apps, Payroll / HR, Tips & Tricks


On May 18, 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) announced the publication of the final rule updating the overtime regulations, which will raise the minimum salary threshold from $23,660 to $47,476. The implementation date for this new regulation is December 1, 2016 leaving employers with little time to prepare for this change.

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7 Xero Setup Essentials!

Using Xero can be a great experience and covering a few essential steps that are often missed will dramatically improve the user experience.

Our setup, conversion and integrations team has listed a few of these essential steps that many small businesses don’t do when creating their accounts:

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The Cloud 24-7

Oh how technology advances. Remember what it was like without the cloud? The days of faxing documents and paying for postage are becoming few and far between. We now live in a 24/7 world; the world of instant gratification. It wasn’t that long ago when it was acceptable to wait 24 hours to respond to a request, but it seems those days are over.

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Getting Started with Xero

So you’re thinking this Xero thing might be a good idea, but you’re not quite sure. Maybe our story can shed some light for you.

We were a traditional CPA firm with a track record of 20 successful years. But all good things must come to an end. Through circumstances out of our control, our firm needed to make a change and pivot… or die. That was our sober reality. We had no choice, but you do.

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