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August 2, 2017 at 7:00 AM

Join Bruce A. Phillips, CPA, Founder / CEO of HPC for Karbon Academy

Written by
Alison Medhurst
Alison Medhurst |

Meet HPC


We’re excited to announce our Founder and CEO, Bruce A. Phillips, CPA has joined the faculty at Karbon Academy!

KA+ was built with global accountants and bookkeepers in mind, and is launching with four tracks: Practice Management, Strategy, Efficiency, and Growth. Each has a set of experts and practitioners have not only helped put together the curriculum, but are actually delivering it.

Bruce will be running a number of lectures in the Practice Strategy and Efficiency tracks. You can view the complete list of courses he will be instructing in, using this link.

There are 3 big reasons why you should join:

  • The content. It's epic! Karbon Academy is packed with tips, tricks and tools to help you reshape how you run your practice: from accountant to entrepreneur.
  • The mix between theory and examples. The course is very different from what's out there. Yes, every lecture has an hour of theory and Q&A, but what's most important is that the week after we will all get together and have a live, one hour discussion on the topic, with real life examples, experience and advice to share around.
  • Whenever it suits you. Sessions are delivered live online, but with everything available to view on-demand also.  You can still catch every session, even if you missed it at the original time.

And if you'd like to join and get a 50% discount, you can use the coupon bruce19 at checkout. Pick a course to enroll here: karbonacademy.com

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Looking forward to seeing you there!


Alison Medhurst

About Alison Medhurst

Alison assists with Tax and HR for HPC. She also assists with marketing efforts and is heavily involved with providing a smooth onboarding process for clients.