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December 16, 2016 at 10:00 AM

The Accounting Ecosystem & Integrated Workflow

Written by
Alison Medhurst
Alison Medhurst |

Professional Services Solutions


Does your company have an efficient workflow in place? If so, how are you managing it and what software are you using?

The Accounting Ecosystem 2016 published by AccountexUSA.com provides a great layout of most of the cloud software solutions available to assist you with workflow management.

If your company needs greater insight to your business processes and/or you have a warehouse full of paper files, an updated workflow may not only help with efficiency but can free up your employees’ time to focus on strategic activities.

To keep your business running smoothly, it’s important to keep your processes managed through automation. Using integrated technology-based applications, businesses now have the ability to restructure their systems to create the best workflow design possible.

Some benefits of redesigning your workflow processes:

  • More transparency and efficiency throughout your organization.
  • Your employees will have more time and energy to focus on their work and productivity will increase as a result.
  • Inaccuracy and human error will be greatly decreased or eliminated due to software calculating and syncing transactions.
  • Increased collaboration between colleagues by providing more access points within available applications.

Now that you know the benefits to redesigning your workflow, here are some steps to help you get started:

  • Evaluate processes- Analyze how industry regulations affect your existing workflow which will assist in creating a customized solution.
  • Search for issues - Find out where there are pain points in your business that prevent your employees from performing at their best.
  • Automate systems - Figure out what types of software will work best to automate existing processes. Ask yourself, “What will help make this task easier to manage?”

Workflow design is a huge component of HPC’s Complete Solution. As part of the Implementation stage, HPC will analyze your current accounting system and processes in order to assist you with the creation of a brand new workflow. But it doesn’t stop there. HPC also trains and supports you throughout the entire process to make sure your business will run as efficiently as possible after.

There is a 3-Step Process that HPC uses for every client we work with.

  1. Client Assessment - An Implementation Specialist analyzes your particular business and your workflow to see how improvements can be made.
  2. Workflow Design - HPC’s Implementation team will form the best workflow for your business using the best integrations, applications, and software available. Need a Xero Conversion? No problem, our Implementation team can help with it all.
  3. Implementation & Training - After the workflow is discussed with you, it will be created and set into motion. Your dedicated Implementation Specialist will then train and support you and your team with the workflow until everyone knows how to use it efficiently and to its fullest.

Creating a new workflow and incorporating software from the Accounting Ecosystem may look daunting at first but think of how efficient your business will be after!

Accounting Ecosystem 2016.png

Source: Accountex

There are many tools, applications, and software available for your business’ workflow. Finding them isn’t difficult if you run an online search, but applying the appropriate software for your specific functionality and business model may be. HPC is here to help if you need workflow redesign assistance as well as training and support in order to increase transparency and reduce errors in everyday tasks.


Alison Medhurst

About Alison Medhurst

Alison assists with Tax and HR for HPC. She also assists with marketing efforts and is heavily involved with providing a smooth onboarding process for clients.