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As early adopters of Xero cloud accounting, our experience sets the bar when it comes to industry standards. We provide proven, custom solutions for businesses of many sizes and verticals.
Our integrated accounting, advisory, and tax departments work seamlessly together to provide you with accurate, timely, and meaningful information so that you can be successful.
Complete Solution
At HPC, we include an entire team of professionals and a set of specific solutions customized to your needs. We want to be a strategic growth partner, not just your accounting or ‘bookkeeping’ firm.

serving global Small businesses

What We Do


We've helped hundreds of business owners just like you.

Find out how HPC will simplify your business.
  • Gain financial freedom with cloud accounting – Access your accounting and business online, anytime. Our team will customize the solutions and workflow for your business, and provide training and ongoing services to ensure your system is always up to date and reliable.
  • We're here as you grow – Scaling your business is a lot easier when you have the right foundation, resources and team to help you. We will always be with you in the cloud to advise you on solutions and processes to overcome bottlenecks and allow you to focus on gowing your business.
  • Real time reports means real time advice and decisions – A customized, automated system with the appropriate setup and support involved to maintain it is what allows us to provide the real value. That value is pro-active tax sessions, meaningful reporting, business meetings and planning, and your ability to receive advice and make key business decisions whenever you need to no matter where you are.
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Our Solutions


Xero is at the heart of what we do

But what we really do is setup custom solutions to solve common business problems

See below examples of the problems we solve and solutions we provide


E-Commerce & Retail


Selling products via online sales channels or a store front requires that you track inventory. There are quite a few sales channels, inventory and POS tools out there, and it’s up to you to determine what will work best for your needs. However, it is important to select the tools to manage more than your inventory - paying vendors, recognizing true inventory costs, and ability to report on the financial impact of real time sales, bills, and costs within your accounting system.


We will ensure that you have a system where you enter and receive bills once, your inventory costs are calculated and synced to Xero along with daily sales. Your accounting system has all the details (and only the details) you need to make financial decisions, pay your bills, follow up on wholesale invoices, etc. Our accountant will make sure you always have complete monthly reports, and our advisors can help you manage your budget and cashflow with daily detailed sales and cost information syncing into Xero from your inventory and POS systems.

E-Commerce & Retail Solution

Professional Services


 We've worked with professional service companies of all shapes and sizes and understand your needs. Tracking time, billable expenses, jobs, and everything else that happens in your business should be managed with cloud based tools specific to your needs and industry to allow you to manage your staff, clients, and your cash-flow. You also have to be conscience of how nexus will effect your requirements for sales tax, payroll, and income tax compliance.


We will help make sure any specific project management, time tracking, CRM or other tools you could or already use are evaluated as part of your accounting system. We want to get these important details reflected in your financial reports, and want to help you reduce time, costs and data entry while increasing your ability to manage your accounts receivable and getting the bills approved and paid.




Professional Services Solution

SaaS & Technology


Many of the SaaS and technology companies we work with are ventured back, and have some more stringent reporting requirements than the average small business. They need to scale their system to collect and report on recurring revenue, and need to accrue revenue and expenses on a monthly basis. Accounting becomes much more than the basic bookkeeping when you have investors on your back and a budget to stick to.


Our team will work with you to setup any solutions that will help you collect and monitor your recurring revenue. We will have an accountant and VCFO working together for a predictable flat fee to make sure your books are always up-to-date, and your reports include the adjustments and details your investors expect. Often times we can receive reports from, or gain access to, any proprietary systems you may be using so that we can seamlessly gather all info needed to do your accounting.



SaaS & Technology Solution