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What We Do
At HPC, we simplify your back office so that you can focus more on what’s in front of you.  We help you make better business decisions and solve your complex workflow challenges to keep you ahead of the game. It’s a small world, after all, and we readily share our valuable knowledge and financial expertise to small businesses all around the world.
Xero Setup & Conversion

HPC + Xero = A Beautiful Cloud Accounting Solution


At HPC, we’ve been in the business for close to 25 years and were early adopters of cloud technology. We’ve seen it all. Whether you are converting into Xero, or setting up your first accounting system we will make sure it is done right!

We use Xero because it allows us to collaborate with our clients and provide a team approach to your accounting. It also syncs with hundreds of other business apps that allows us to custom fit a back office to your needs. Not just your chart of accounts and reports, but also automate most of your business processes regardless of your size or industry. With us you will not simply get Xero, but will get an eco-system of cloud solutions that allow you, your team, and ours to streamline your entire business, not just your accounting.

Every client we work with goes through a thorough 3 step process with one of our seasoned implementation specialists:

  • Client Assessment
  • Workflow Design
  • Implementation & Training

With our experience we can quickly review your current accounting system, business processes, and what it will take to setup a perfect back office solution for your business. We will make suggestions for the best tools and practices given your specific needs. Then we set it all up and train you and your staff on assigned roles and how to get the most out of your new system. From there, we have a long list of ongoing services we can provide, and at the very least you’ll get a dedicated accountant to support you long term on your new system.

Want help setting up your Xero file and custom back office solution? Get in touch with our Client Success Team by clicking the link below. They will learn about your needs and tell you exactly how we can help and what it will cost.

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Benefits of HPC's Accounting Services through Xero

  • xero-platinum-partnerComprehensive online back office accounting support including accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping and everything in between.
  • Access to HPC’s complete list of services such as outsourced controllership, virtual CFO and our in house full service tax department that provides planning, advice, compliance and other business consulting services.
  • Opening up to over 300 Xero add-on partners (and growing) with HPC having the experience and knowledge to handle even the toughest integration projects.
  • HPC’s insight into high-level accounting ensures you are advised accurately on the services unique to your needs and industry.
  • Complete setup and conversion to Xero — HPC takes care of everything.
  • Lower administrative, IT and staff costs — HPC and Xero do all the work for you via the cloud.
  • Timely, accurate, and meaningful financial information — the most accurate advice and assessment of your accounting and business needs.
  • Immediately accessible wherever you have an internet connection — you see what we see, as we see it.
  • HPC helps you create a paperless work environment.
As early adopters of Xero cloud accounting, our experience sets the bar when it comes to industry standards.
Our integrated tax department is proactive, not reactive. We stay in touch with you throughout the year and use cutting-edge technology to keep our clients ahead of the game.
At HPC, you only pay for what you need. Whether your company is small or large, we offer flexible service packages that meet your business needs.